Senior Home Health Care Services For Dementia Patients

Posted on: 28 July 2023

The signs and symptoms of dementia vary and they can range from mild memory loss to profound confusion and disorientation. People with mild cognitive deficits may have the ability to live relatively independently, however, those with severe dementia will need assistance. If you want your aging loved one with dementia to receive quality care at home instead of relocating to an assisted living facility, consider the following advantages of hiring a senior home health care provider.

Offering Cueing Or Physical Assistance With Daily Activities

Depending on the extent of your loved one's cognitive deficits, the senior home health care provider can simply offer them cues and reminders or physically assist them with their activities of daily living. People with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia may not remember how to dress themselves, brush their teeth, comb their hair, bathe, or feed themselves. In fact, people with profound dementia may not even know what a toothbrush, comb, or eating utensil are used for.

When the senior home health care provider gives your loved one cues or physically assists them with their activities, they will be very patient, speak in a gentle tone, and allow as much time as the individual needs to complete the task. Dementia patients can become easily frustrated, especially those who have late-stage dementia. If they feel pressured or become frustrated they may act out and even become combative.

Companionship And Social Interaction

People with dementia may lose the ability to effectively communicate with others and they may also be unable to leave the home to attend social activities. This can result in social isolation which can increase the risk for depression and anxiety. It may also have a negative impact on brain function which may further diminish the senior's cognitive ability.

The senior home health care provider can offer companionship to your loved one and engage them in enjoyable activities such as listening to music, dancing, going for walks, and even meal preparation. Further, the caregiver can take your loved one to senior citizen activities in the community so that they can engage with their peers and make new connections. This will give the individual something to look forward to and it may even help reduce dementia-related mood and behavior issues.

If you want your loved one to receive quality support and care at home, consider hiring a senior home health care provider. Once your loved one feels comfortable and safe with the caregiver, it may give them a new sense of confidence and hope and it will provide you with peace of mind knowing that their needs are being met with compassion and professionalism.

For more info about senior home health care services, contact a local company.