What Is Home Health Care?

Posted on: 26 April 2022

If you are finding that you are having more difficulty with taking care of yourself and/or your home, you may want to think about home health care services. Home health care services are a great option if you are struggling but want to stay in your own home. 

What Is Home Health Care?

Home health care is a service that allows nurses and caregivers to come into your home to provide you with assistance on tasks and services that you may be unable to complete on your own anymore. Your health is important. Do not be afraid to ask for help. 

Examples of Home Health Care Services

There are many different home health care service options offered including, grocery shopping, transportation, medication management, cleaning and laundry, physical and occupational therapy, and bathing and toileting assistance. If you need assistance with something, but you are not sure it is an offered service, reach out to your doctor or a care provider. They will be able to guide you to ensure your health and safety are taken care of. 

Who Uses Home Health Care Services?

Do not be afraid of enlisting the help of home health care. It may be thought to be a service that is only offered to and utilized by the elderly, but that is not true. While the elderly do use home health care services, the services are also offered to others who need them, like the disabled or people who have been injured. Home health care services also do not have to be a long-term arrangement. You can arrange for the services to be short-term if you feel your health will improve later on. 

Can You Use Your Insurance to Pay for Services?

All insurance plans and companies will vary, but most plans should cover at least some of the cost. Your insurance company will require documentation from your doctor to let them know your services are necessary before they will even consider paying for the services. If the services you need cannot be ordered by a doctor (e.g. grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.), your insurance company will decide if they are necessary and inform your care provider of the number of services they will pay for. 

What if Insurance Does Not Cover the Services?

If your insurance plan does not cover home health care, you will have the option to pay for the services out-of-pocket. This means your care provider will send you a bill directly for the services provided. This allows you to choose the type of services you receive and how often. Private pay gives you more control over your care. 

For more information, contact a home health care service in your area.