Home Nursing Helps Seniors Recover After Surgery

Posted on: 24 August 2021

When your senior loved one undergoes surgery, it's normal that you have some concerns about recovery. You want to ensure that your loved one has the ability to recover with no issues, so it's important that you have somebody available to help. A home nurse can provide this help.

Here's what you need to know about recovery with a home nurse.

Home Nurses Ensure Medications Are Administered Correctly

Do you want to make sure that your loved one's medications post-surgery are administered correctly? A home nurse can provide the appropriate medications at the right time and in the correct way. This means your loved one does not have to think about medication while they are focused on recovering.

Home Nurses Provide Emergency Contact

If something were to happen with your loved one while you were away, a home nurse can contact help when something goes wrong. Plus, the nurse can contact you and other family members to notify you of significant events. The time immediately following surgery can be especially worrisome, so having somebody with skills and experience in the home can be a relief.

Home Nurses Prevent Infection

Cleaning up a wound or incision area can be difficult for those who are not trained on the matter. Infection is not uncommon after surgery, which is why a home nurse can provide infection control. They know how to clean the wound and ensure it does not have exposure to bacteria.

Home Nurses Prevent Falls

A fall can provide a serious hindrance to recovery. Home nurses prevent falls by cleaning the floors of any trip hazards and ensuring that children and pets are not in the way when your loved one is trying to walk or stand. Falls can seriously throw off recovery, especially if a fall opens a wound or leads to an injury that requires another surgery to fix.

Home Nurses Provide Mental Health Help

Surgery can be difficult enough, but to add recovery to the issue can be even more frightening. When you have access to a home nurse, you can trust that somebody is checking on your loved one to prevent issues like isolation. Nurses can also provide insight that is helpful for relieving anxiety and other concerns.

Contact a Home Nurse Today

Do you want to ensure that recovery after surgery goes smoothly? Contact a home nurse to learn more about ensuring your loved one has a good recovery without risk of falling, infection, bedsores, and other serious issues.