Insight To Help Plan For And Arrange In-Home Care Services

Posted on: 13 April 2021

Home health care and in-home care are important services that are available to help a family member transition from a hospital or rehab center to their own home. And when your family member wants to remain in their home around familiar surroundings, hiring an in-home care service is the perfect solution, as you can hire a certified and trained individual who has the knowledge and expertise you need to help your loved one. Here are some ideas and recommendations to consider when you are planning to arrange for in-home care services for a family member.

Consider Your Needs

When your family member is recovering from an illness or injury and they are no longer receiving care in a hospital, they may need a bit more care for someone while they are continuing their recovery at home. Depending on your family member's health condition and personal situation, they may need a variety of different services provided to them. And you can determine your family member's needs to arrange for the right services to fit their lifestyle and situation.

For example, if you have an elderly family member who is recovering from pneumonia which has resulted in a loss of mobility and strength, they will need some additional specialized in-home care. They will benefit from weekly or daily physical therapy to help them gain back their strength and mobility, but in the meantime, they will need some help with daily activities. Daily personal care, such as dressing, showering, and moving from their bed to their wheelchair or walker is going to be essential for their recovery. Then, when they need to get to a doctor's appointment, they will need help getting out the front door, especially if there are stairs involved, and into a vehicle. When your family member needs some extra professional care services, this is a great fit to make sure they are taken care of with a trained assistant.

Look at Different In-Home Care Providers

As you are shopping around with the various types of in-home care services, you want to consider what services you need, such as nursing, physical and occupational therapy, home assistance care, or wound care, as examples. And you will also want to look at the different types of service providers. Some in-home care companies have a large selection of care professionals to make sure your needs are fulfilled each day. Or, you may want to find an in-home care service through a private company where you can work with the same provider and have more personalized care.

To learn more, reach out to a local in-home care service.