Does Your Parent Have Late-Stage Alzheimer's? 2 Tips To Care For Them At Home

Posted on: 13 October 2020

If you have a parent that has late-stage Alzheimer's, you already know it can be challenging to take care of them. To help you and anyone else in your family, below are two tips so your parent will be comfortable and you will feel much better. 

Taking Care of Them at Home

Keeping your parent home will be good for them as long as you can take proper care of them. It can get very difficult as your parent will not be able to take care of their personal needs. This means you will have to help them go to the bathroom, brush their teeth, take a bath or shower and more. This is a good time to use adult diapers as your parent will likely not have any control of their bladder or bowels. Have adult wipes in the bathroom to use for them after they go to the bathroom. These wipes are much larger than baby wipes and can be a big lifesaver for you. 

You will also have to feed your parent at some point, and they may find it difficult to chew food properly. Because of this, you can puree food to make it much easier for your parent to swallow. This is especially true if your parent does not have dentures, which is common for people that have Alzheimer's. This is because many people will remove their dentures on a constant basis, and it can be much easier on everyone to simply put them away. 

Hire Home Care

As time goes on, you may find it almost impossible to take care of your parent on your own. Because of this, you should consider hiring home care to help you. There are agencies that provide home care agents or you can find someone on your own.

The home care worker can come a few days per week, every day, or even live with you if you prefer. This worker has experience working with people that have Alzheimer's and will know many tips to help you that you are likely not aware of. 

The home care worker can help you bathe your parent, feed them, change their clothes, and some will help with household chores. This can include cleaning your home and cooking meals for your parent. 

Talk with an Alzheimer's care service to get many more tips and help with taking care of your parent at home.