Bathroom Safety Tips

Posted on: 10 March 2015

If you have an elderly parent who is beginning to have difficulty getting around in the home as easily as they used to, you may want to make a few minor adjustments to make life simpler. The bathroom is one area of the home where accidents seem to happen more often than other areas. This is because of increased moisture, making the area slick. This, mixed with unsteady footing, can be very dangerous. Here are some tips you can use to make your loved one's bathroom safer so you can rest easy knowing that they are able to get around without detrimental consequences.


Install handrails on each wall in the bathroom so your parent can grab onto one as they try to get to their destination. Have rails in the bathtub at two levels so they can be used for both showers and baths depending on which your parent prefers. They will be able to hoist themselves from a sitting to standing position easily without unnecessary sliding along the bottom of the tub. A handrail next to the toilet will give your parent an extra boost to be able to get back to a standing position after relieving themselves.

Non-Slip Grips

Placing gripping tape in the bottom of the bathtub can give your parent added support when standing. A smooth-bottomed tub is very slippery and it should be remedied by adhering gripping material to make the surface easier to stand in without falling. These grips can be found in home goods stores in the bathroom section. They come in a variety of shapes and can be placed in a pattern to give the bathtub some character.

Non-skid rugs are another important item to have in the bathroom. A floor without carpeting can become slippery after humidity and moisture are in abundance, so having a rug is ideal. A rug without a backing can cause injury, however. Make sure any rug in the bathroom area has a rubber bottom with grippers to help keep the rug from sliding.

Adequate Lighting

Accidents can happen easily if your parent is not able to see where they are going. Keep a night-light lit at all times to help in guiding the way when in the bathroom. Make sure light bulbs are bright enough so your parent will get proper footing when in the tub or near the toilet. Several small lights in the bathroom can be a help as your parent can use whichever ones are necessary for the task they are trying to accomplish. Check bulbs regularly and replace as necessary.

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